Compatibility for the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows

PC compatibility

The Xbox Wireless Adaptor for Windows is compatible with devices running Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. (A different wireless adaptor, the Xbox 360 Adaptor, is compatible with Windows 8.1, 8 and 7).

You can also use an Xbox One controller with Windows 7 or later by connecting it via a USB cable. See How to connect an Xbox One Wireless Controller to a PC.

Note For more information, see Xbox One Wireless Controller differences on Windows operating systems.

Xbox One accessory compatibility

The Wireless Adapter for Windows works with all first-party Xbox accessories. You can connect up to eight controllers plus headsets (up to four Xbox One Chat Headsets or two Xbox One Stereo Headsets). You can also use other accessories, such as the Xbox One Chatpad and the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit.

Third-party accessory compatibility

If you have a licensed third-party headset that works with Xbox One controllers or the Xbox One console, it will work with the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows. If you have issues using your third-party accessory with your Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows and an official Xbox One controller, check with the third-party manufacturer for help.

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