Use the Xbox Accessories app to configure your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

If you want to configure a standard Xbox One Wireless Controller, see Customize a standard Xbox One Wireless Controller with the Xbox Accessories app.

When you open the Xbox Accessories app, you'll see two buttons, Configure and Device info.

Note If you have more than one controller connected, you'll see all the controllers when you move right. If several people are signed in, the assigned profiles will appear above the controllers.

Device info

Choose Device info to rename your controller, turn on Copilot, and see general information about your controller.


Select Configure to create and edit custom configurations for your controller. Your saved configurations stay with your profile and are available on any Xbox One or PC your controller is connected to.

Get started by browsing in Community configurations and adding ones you like to your own list of configurations. Or choose New configuration to make one from scratch.

Below these options are the configurations that are currently assigned to the two slots in your controller.

The next section down lists all your saved configurations. Select one to perform these actions:

  • Save to a slot in your controller
  • Edit
  • Copy
  • Rename
  • Delete


Edit is where you do your customization, including these options:

  • Button mapping
  • Left stick
  • Right stick
  • Triggers
  • Vibration
  • Xbox button brightness

Button mapping - Use the top drop-down menu to select which button you want to change and then, under Map to, select the corresponding button that you want to remap its functionality to. The image of the controller on the screen will update to show you which buttons are which.

This screen also gives you these options:

  • Swap sticks
  • Invert right stick Y axis
  • Invert left stick Y axis
  • Swap triggers

Left and right stick sensitivity - Select Left stick or Right stick to customize and control how each stick responds during gameplay. Once you've chosen the stick you want to customize, you can select Default, Delay, Aggressive, Instant, or Smooth depending on how responsive you want the stick to be in your game. For example, if you want the controller to respond faster over a shorter stick movement, select Instant. You'll see a graph that shows you the response curve of the stick.

Note Depending on the game you play, these settings will have different responses. One way to test your settings is to set Slot 1 to Default and Slot 2 to your customized setting.

Trigger sensitivity - Adjust the maximum and minimum ranges of your triggers. You have two options for customizing them—with the hair-trigger mechanical switch on your controller or with the Trigger sensitivity section in the app.

The hair-trigger mechanical switch works great for shooting games, because it reduces how much you need to pull on the triggers to fire. It may not work as well for driving games, since you need the accelerator to go the full distance for maximum acceleration. Adjusting the trigger sensitivity comes in handy here. You can change the max and min thresholds for the triggers. For example, if you shorten the max distance, you'll get to maximum acceleration with less pulling of the trigger. Try setting your two slots differently and adjusting in real time to see the differences.

Vibration - Adjust the vibration sensitivity of your controllers. You can independently adjust four motors: Left trigger, Right trigger, Left main (in the handle), and Right main. The motors are at a default of 100% and can be adjusted down to 0%. When you adjust these slides, this changes the intensity of the vibration.

Xbox button brightness – Decrease the brightness of the Xbox button if you prefer, down to 10% of standard brightness. This is especially useful if you like playing in the dark.

Save to slot 1 / Save to slot 2

The slots correspond with the Profile Switch in the middle of your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. You can have two different profiles saved to your controller at one time. For example, if Slot 1 is your shooter profile and Slot 2 is your racing profile, just flip the switch and you're ready to go. You won't need to adjust any other settings. You can also do this while you play a game.

Your configuration of the slots travels with your controllers. If you take your controller to a friend's house, the configuration will be saved on the controller and usable there.

If you customize Slot 1 or Slot 2 on your controller on a different console, the new configuration will be saved to the controller and overwrite your old configuration.


Make a copy of the configuration so you can use it as the basis of a new configuration without having to start over.


Change the name of your saved configuration. For example, if your configuration is for playing Halo 5, you can name it Halo 5 or anything you want.


Deleting the configuration doesn't affect the controller, it just erases the configuration.

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