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RealPlayer Cloud app
RealPlayer Cloud enables you to move, watch and share your videos. When you share videos with friends and family they’ll be able to play them on any device or operating system, without downloading the RealPlayer Cloud app. No more worrying about formatting or converting videos, or carrying HDMI and USB cables to connect devices to each other to watch videos. It just works.
ReddX app
ReddX is an app which brings reddit to the largest screen in your home. You can vote, comment, explore and post your favourite images, videos, links and comments. You can even earn achievements while doing so! ReddX has full support for your Xbox One gamepad, voice, gesture, media remote and SmartGlass. So sit back, relax and up vote those cat pictures!
Set up and use SmartGlass on Xbox One
Learn how to set up and use SmartGlass on your Xbox One console.
Spotify on Xbox One
Find out how to find, log in, and control Spotify, and how to listen to music on your Xbox One console.
TED app for Xbox One
Need to troubleshoot the TED app on your Xbox One? Here’s help.
TrueAchievements app for Xbox One
The TrueAchievements App realises some of the best features of the TrueAchievements website directly on your console. With just a few button presses or voice commands you will have access to achievement guides, gaming sessions, friend feeds, Xbox related news and more! To take full advantage of all features you will need to sign up for a free TrueAchievements account.
TuneIn on Xbox
Listen to the world’s largest collection of radio stations on your Xbox One, absolutely free. TuneIn has all of the best sports, news, music and talk radio as well as top podcasts. Stream over 100,000 real radio stations, playing live from around the world. This is real radio.
TwitchTV app on Xbox Live
Learn about the TwitchTV app on Xbox Live; find out how to download the app and solutions to common problems.

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