Social and Broadcast: Xbox Live community and safety

What is Xbox Live and how do I get started?
Xbox Live is the online service for Xbox One. Find out more about Xbox Live and how to get started.
Using Xbox Live Gold sharing features on Xbox One
Find out how to use your Xbox Live Gold membership to open up a new world of gaming, and how your membership lets your friends enjoy Xbox Live Gold–only features on any Xbox One console!
How to manage your activity feed and privacy
Learn how to manage the privacy of your activity feed posts on Xbox One.
How to mute or block other players on Xbox One
Learn how to mute or block other players on Xbox One.
About the core family safety features of Xbox One
Learn about the family safety features of Xbox One and how to use them to control how your family interacts with the console.
Block inappropriate websites on your Xbox One console
Find out how to use web filtering on your Xbox One console.
Good player behavior on Xbox One
Learn what makes a good player on Xbox One, along with tips for healthy gaming.
Understanding smack talk
Understand the difference between friendly banter and verbal harassment.
File a complaint on Xbox One
If you’ve tried to manage a problem with another player and the problem persists, you should file a complaint. Learn how here.
Multiplayer games and ratings on Xbox One
Get info on how game ratings systems work, and find out how to filter by ratings on Xbox One.
How do I remove my Microsoft account email address from my Xbox One home screen?
Get details on how to remove your email address from your Xbox One home screen.

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