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Halo 4 Limited Collector’s Edition and Console Bundle


Halo 4 is available in three editions: Standard Edition, Limited Edition, and the Halo 4 Console Bundle.

What’s included in each edition?

Standard Edition

Key features

  • The Reclaimer Saga begins
  • Experience an epic new Halo adventure, either solo or split-screen, with up to three friends.
  • Infinity multiplayer
  • Halo 4 features an expanded suite of multiplayer modes, weapons, vehicles, armor abilities, a new loadout and Spartan-IV player progression system.
  • Spartan Ops
  • Extend your campaign experience in a large-scale adventure that builds upon the Halo 4 Campaign. Receive a weekly series of cinematic episodes on Xbox Live followed by new gameplay missions that you can play solo or cooperatively with up to three friends.
  • War Games
  • Battle the competition in new, immersive game modes.

Track your groups, stats and scores on Halo Waypoint.

Limited Edition

In addition to the standard content, the Halo 4 Limited Edition includes:

  • War Games Map Packs
  • Limited Edition includes access to nine new competitive multiplayer maps, which will be released sequentially through three map packs, available for download on Xbox Live after the game’s release.
  • Specializations
  • Receive early access to six specializations, made available on Xbox Live, and use them to achieve higher ranks in your Spartan career. In addition to gaining access to new ranks, specializations unlock new customization options.
  • The Special Edition of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
  • A 90-minute extended version of the live-action digital series takes fans back to the beginning of the Human/Covenant war.

Additional digital content

  • Bonus content expanding the characters and stories of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
  • Special featurette: Bringing Gaming into Reality
  • Making of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

Bonus digital content available through Xbox Live

  • Unique in-game Spartan IV armor skin
  • Unique in-game weapon skin for the assault rifle
  • An exclusive in-game emblem
  • Xbox Live avatar prop
  • Xbox Live Avatar Spartan IV armor set

Limited Edition also contains the UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet, which includes a Spartan armor customization schematic, an introduction to the massive ship UNSC Infinity, and a profile of the Spartan-IV warriors.

Halo 4 Console Bundle

The Halo 4 Console Bundle includes:

  • A custom-designed Halo-themed Xbox 360 console with 320 GB HDD
  • Two custom Halo 4 wireless controllers with blue LED lights and D-pad
  • Halo 4 Standard Edition game
  • Xbox Live code for exclusive Halo 4 downloadable content
  • Wired headset
  • Custom sounds when the console is turned on and when the eject button is pushed

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