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Help with your existing Xbox or Kinect service order

How to check the status of your repair

  1. Go to Device Support and sign in.
  2. Select the device associated with your service request.
  3. Select Repair Order at the bottom of the page.

How to track a shipment

Track the shipment from your location to the service center

Use the proof of shipment or tracking number you received at the time of shipping to check the shipment status at the carrier’s website, or contact the carrier for more information. Once we receive your product at our service center, we will notify you by email.

Track the shipment from the service center to you

When we ship your serviced product from our service center, you’ll get an email that includes a tracking number. Use that tracking number to check the shipping status at the carrier’s website, or contact the carrier for information.

Note It can take up to 3 days for the shipping status to update on the carrier’s website.

How to change or cancel a service order

You can change or cancel an existing service order up until the day you send the product to the service center. First, sign in at Device Support, and then go to Orders to confirm that the order status is either Order in progress or Packing material received by customer.

  • To cancel the order, select Cancel Order. Allow 24 hours for the cancellation to be processed. If a refund is due, we’ll post the refund to your account within 72 hours after confirming the cancellation.
  • To change the email address used or the return delivery address, you’ll have to cancel (see the previous bullet) and then resubmit the order. Click your name in the upper-right corner of the page, and then select Profile to access and modify the information.
  • If you’ve already sent in your Xbox console or Kinect sensor and find that you need to have it delivered to an address different from the one listed on your order after you’ve shipped it, contact the shipping provider.
  • If you’ve already sent in your controller, power supply, or other accessory, or have paid for an item to be sent directly to you, and you find that you need the replacement sent to a different address, contact your shipping provider.
  • If the service center has already received your defective product or shipped out a replacement, you can’t cancel the order, and we can’t issue a refund.
  • A service order and the associated shipping label (if applicable) are valid for 30 days from the day you submit the request. If your service order expires after you’ve already shipped out the product, contact Xbox Support.

How to print a service order receipt

To print a receipt upon the completion of your service order, go to Device Support. After signing in with your Microsoft account, select Orders from the top menu bar. You can select any completed order and then select Print Receipt for a copy of the receipt.

If the list of service orders does not include the one you’re looking for, select Check the status of an order from the Home page and then enter the service order number from your confirmation email, along with your postal code. Completed orders will offer the option to print a receipt.

Troubleshoot common service order request issues

If you're having problems with your service request, see the information below before contacting Xbox Support.

My device was returned with no service performed

The service center inspects your product upon arrival. In the following circumstances, there will be no service performed (repair or exchange), and we’ll return the product as is:

  • The service center finds no fault with the product.
  • The product has been tampered with or modified.

I received a damaged or non-functioning device from the service center

If you receive a damaged serviced product or one that’s not working, contact Xbox Support immediately. Do not return the product to the service center without first reporting the issue.

The device I received is incorrect, incomplete, or missing

Contact Xbox Support for help in these cases.

Note Microsoft is not responsible for the loss of any additional products or accessories (such as a power supply, controller, or game disc) that you included with the product when you sent it in for service.

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