Xbox 360 audio or video problems
TV screen frozen or blank? TV picture tinted or flickering? Graphics misshaped? Got sound with no picture, or picture with no sound? Check here for links to solutions to these problems and others.
Learn about video and audio playback for your Xbox 360 console.
Problems playing files from a camera or portable device on Xbox 360
Learn what to do if you have problems playing content from a camera or other portable media device on an Xbox 360 console.
Change the video input setting on your TV
If you're seeing a blank screen when you turn on your Xbox 360 console, you may need to change the video input on your TV to match the one your console is connected to.
How to configure audio settings on your Xbox 360 console
Learn how to connect and configure digital audio on your Xbox 360 console.
Connect your Xbox 360 console to a sound system
If you've got a stereo or other A/V receiver, you can use it with your Xbox 360 for incredible sound quality! Here's how to do it.
Improve the video quality of an Xbox 360 console
We want you to get the absolute best picture you can from your Xbox 360 console. Here are some things to check out to make sure your picture is the best it can be.
Common error messages when playing DVDs on the Xbox 360 console
If you're having a problem or receiving an error trying to play back a DVD movie on your Xbox 360 console, here are some things to try.
Fix Xbox 360 video problems
Xbox 360 status code errors when playing videos or movies
How to view pictures and slideshows on your Xbox 360 console
Learn how to view pictures or a slideshow on your Xbox 360 console.
Troubleshoot Xbox 360 display problems
Learn to fix Xbox 360 display problems like screen artifacts, distorted shapes, and green and purple pixilation.
Play DVDs on your Xbox 360 console
You can use play DVDs on your Xbox 360 console. Learn about DVD region codes, formats, and the disc types supported by the Xbox 360 console.
How to listen to music on your console
Listen to music from a variety of sources and portable devices on your Xbox 360 console.
Watch Xbox Video on your computer or Windows Phone 7
Learn how to watch video content from Xbox on your computer or Windows Phone 7.