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Watch videos from the Xbox Community about Social experiences
See what other gamers are doing to solve the most common Xbox problems, and get back to gaming!
Using Xbox Live Gold sharing features on Xbox One
Find out how to use your Xbox Live Gold membership to open up a new world of gaming, and how your membership lets your friends enjoy Xbox Live Gold–only features on any Xbox One console!
How to add new Xbox friends
Learn how to add to your friends list on your Xbox One console, the Xbox app, or
Xbox Live service outages
Find out what you can do on your Xbox One console during an Xbox Live service outage.
Why can’t I send messages from my Xbox One or the Xbox app?
Find out why you can’t send messages from your Xbox One console or the Xbox app.
What is Xbox Live and how do I get started?
Xbox Live is the online service for Xbox One. Find out more about Xbox Live and how to get started.
Start a party on Xbox One
Learn how to start a party on your Xbox One console when you or another person on the console has Xbox Live Gold.
Sending and receiving messages on Xbox One
Learn how to send and receive voice or text messages to your friends on Xbox Live with Xbox One.
How do I start using Looking for Group?
Learn about the different ways you can access the Looking for Group tab and how to use it.
Viewing your Xbox One friends on your Xbox 360 friends list
Learn how to see your Xbox One friends on your Xbox 360 console.

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