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Error c00d1198 or xc00d1198 occurs when you use Xbox apps

You see the following error codes or message when you use an Xbox app:



Can't connect right now. Please try again later.

This may mean that you've lost Internet connectivity or can't connect to the Internet.

Note If you encounter this error when using Windows Media Player, see Windows Media Player error C00D1198.


To resolve this problem, try the following solutions:

Solution 1: Make sure that you're connected to the Internet.

To check your computer's connection to the Internet, see Troubleshoot Internet connection problems.

Solution 2: Check your router and your password.

Here's how:

  1. Make sure that your router is turned on.
  2. Restart the router. To do this, disconnect the power cord from the router, wait 30 seconds and then plug in the power cord.
  3. Check that your router is working correctly. To do this, bypass your router and plug your computer directly into an Internet access point (for example, your modem). Next, go to the Xbox Live website on your computer to see whether you have a working Internet connection. If you can connect without using the router, your router may not be working correctly.
  4. Make sure that you have the correct password for the account. Re-enter the network password, network key or passphrase.

Solution 3: Check your router's configuration.

  • Make sure that the router SSID is set to broadcast mode.
  • If the wireless router is configured to accept only clients by using media access control (MAC) addresses, you must add the MAC address of the player to the list of clients on the router.
  • Make sure that the access point or the router to which you connect is a DHCP server. (And make sure that DHCP is turned on.)
  • Try to reserve an IP address for your device on the router.
  • If you use a WEP-encrypted network, check whether it is running in "WEP Shared" or "WEP Open" mode. Make sure that the mode listed on the router matches the mode that the device is configured to use.
  • If the router has a "Turbo G" mode, a "G-only" mode or a "B-only" mode, try to run the router in "mixed" mode. "Mixed" mode combines all modes in which the router can run.
  • If the router has a "QoS" setting, make sure that it's turned off.
  • If you are running a network with WPA TKIP+AES or WPA2 TKIP+AES, try to use only WPA TKIP, WPA AES or WPA2 AES.

Solution 4: Check for system updates.

After you connect to Wi-Fi or the Internet again, check for any high-priority updates at Microsoft Update. After you successfully update, again try to use the Xbox on Windows app.

If you still experience the problem, contact Xbox Support by clicking the “Contact us” link at the bottom of this page.

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