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Pop-up notifications on Xbox One

Learn how to open, review, and select which notifications you receive on your Xbox One console.

Video: Control notification pop-ups on Xbox One

Watch the video Control notification pop-ups on Xbox One. Note This video is available in English only.

What are pop-up notifications?

Pop-up notifications on your Xbox One console notify you of events, such as when you get a new message or an incoming Skype call.

How do notifications work?

When you see a pop-up notification and want to view it, press and hold the Xbox button  on your controller. The notification center opens with the available actions for the current notification.

How do you open the notification center?

Press the Xbox button  to open the guide, and then select Notifications.

How long do notifications remain in the notification center?

Notifications remain in the notification center for up to 3 days, but they’re removed when you complete the action for that notification.

Notifications retain the commands they had when they arrived, but those commands will not work if the action is no longer available. For example, a short while after a notification to join a game arrives, the join game command may no longer work if the game spot is no longer available.

How do you delete your notifications?

Select the Clear all button at the top of the notification center, or press the X button  on your controller to remove the highlighted notification or group.

Who can see your notifications?

Notifications appear in the notification center for all signed-in users. If you don't want your notifications to appear for other users on the console, sign out.

How do you turn off pop-up notifications?

Select Settings > All Settings > Preferences > Notifications. You can turn all notifications off, or you can choose what to do with individual Xbox and app notifications. See Customize your Xbox One Preferences options.

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