Quantum Break live action show info

As part of the gameplay for Quantum Break, the live action show will either stream or download depending on which device you’re using. At any point, you can skip the show by pressing the B button  on your controller, or the space bar on your Windows device.

Xbox One

On Xbox One, you have the ability to either stream the live action show, or download it to your console. Bear in mind that if you choose to download, all possible outcomes will be downloaded, even if you haven’t unlocked that part of the show yet. This may take up to 77GB of additional space on your console.

To download the shows to your console:

  1. On Home, go to My games & apps > Games.
  2. Highlight Quantum Break, press the Menu button  on your controller, and then select Manage game.
  3. Under Ready to install, select Quantum Break Episode Pack, and then select Install on the confirmation screen.

To remove the downloaded shows and go back to streaming them, follow the same steps above, but on the Manage Quantum Break screen:

  1. Highlight the Quantum Break Episode Pack and then press the Menu button  .
  2. Select Uninstall, and then select Uninstall on the confirmation screen.

Windows 10

If you’re playing on a Windows 10 device, all live action show content will be streamed. There is no option to download locally to your device. If you choose to play offline, you won’t be able to watch the live action shows—this is the same experience as when you skip the show. You can go back at any time and watch the shows when you’re online.

Data streaming

There are four video segments throughout the game, each running about 25 minutes. Streaming these will be similar to streaming a half-hour TV show on popular video streaming services. If data consumption is a concern, you may skip the video scenes by pressing the B button  (Xbox One) or Space (Windows 10).

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