Xbox Live Status


  • Purchase and Content UsageLimited

    Affected platforms:

    • Xbox One

      xbox one outage;Purchase and Content Usage,
    • Xbox 360

      xbox 360 outage;Purchase and Content Usage,
    • Xbox on other devices

      xbox other outage;Purchase and Content Usage,

    Affected services:

    • Buying downloadable items

    3/27/2015 12:59:18 AM :

    Hey Xbox members, are you running in to trouble purchasing new Xbox Live subscriptions or managing your existing subscriptions? We’re aware of the issue, and we’re working to provide a fix right away! Thanks for your patience in the meantime. We’ll fill you in as soon as we know more.

  • Xbox Live Core Servicesup and running

  • Websiteup and running

  • TV, Music and Videoup and running

  • Social and Gamingup and running