Watch live TV with Narrator on Xbox One

Watch live TV on Xbox One by connecting your console with your digital cable box or a DTV antenna and tuner and using OneGuide. OneGuide works with Narrator, a built-in screen reader that reads text on your screen aloud and describes events, so you can use your Xbox One with partial or no vision.

For best results, connect a USB keyboard to your Xbox for use with Narrator. The following info assumes the use of an Xbox One controller and a connected USB keyboard.

Start Narrator

Press and hold the Xbox button  on your controller, then press the Menu button . Press these buttons again to turn Narrator off.

If you’re using a keyboard, press the Windows logo key+ Enter together to start and stop Narrator. On many keyboards, the Windows logo key is located on the bottom row of keys, to the left or right of the Alt key.

Open the app

  1. Sign in with your profile on Xbox One.
  2. Before opening the app, connect your digital cable box via HDMI or a DTV tuner via USB. If you connect a DTV tuner, your Xbox will prompt you for a zip code, time zone, etc., and scan for channels. For cable boxes, this comes after.
  3. From the Home screen, go to My games & apps and press Enter.
  4. Press the Down arrow once to get to Apps, then go to the sort menu and press Enter.
  5. Use the Up and Down arrows to focus on Sort A-Z, then press Enter.
  6. Go to the first app in your apps list, then press the Right arrow until you reach OneGuide. Press Enter to open it.

To close the app, press the Xbox button  to go to the Home screen. If you go home from the app, OneGuide will be in focus. Press the Menu button  on your controller and select Quit.


Press the View button  on your controller to access MiniGuide, display mode, settings, and system help. When it’s on, MiniGuide keeps a set of buttons handy for ready access via the Tab key:

  • Show favorite channels only
  • Show recent channels only
  • Show TV listings only

Press the Menu button  on your controller to open buttons for TV listings (All channels, Trending, and Favorites), Movies (a list of movies available from various providers, including movies on live TV), and TV (a list of content from available TV apps).

To get around the app with your keyboard, press the Right, Left, Down, and Up arrows. With your controller, you can use either the left stick or D-pad, with the A button  to select and the B button  to go back.

Set up and watch live TV on Xbox One

Connect your digital TV set-top box via HDMI, or plug in a DTV tuner via USB. Open OneGuide as described above and follow the on-screen instructions to choose your time zone, cable provider, etc.

To change or reset your TV settings, or to set options for devices control, audio, and video:

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
  2. Use the Right arrow to go to System tab, and then press Enter.
  3. Use the Down arrow to Settings, and then press Enter.
  4. Use the Down arrow to go to TV & OneGuide, then the Right arrow and Enter to select settings for the following:
    • OneGuide: Configure your EPG (electronic program guide) settings, including resetting your TV provider information.
    • Device control: Specify your component brands for Xbox control, including power options.
    • TV tuner: For setting up ATSC terrestrial and clear QAM “over the air” digital TV signals.
    • Audio & video: Signal configuration for HDMI and audio output.
    • Troubleshooting: Report issues or reset all TV configurations.

Find and select channels

Press the Menu button  on your controller and go to TV listings: All channels to see your EPG (electronic program guide).

Channels appear in a grid. The left-most column is the channel name in numerical order based on channel number. To the right of that are the name, time, and date for the programs, stacked left to right by time of day, with programs playing right now listed first.

Down and Up arrows move you through the column you’re in; channel names are read even when you’re browsing items in the programs column.

While watching, press Shift + Up or Down arrow to access the MiniGuide—buttons for Show favorite channels only, Show recent channels only, and Show TV listings only. Press Esc to close MiniGuide.

On the respective pages for Movies & TV, apps and programs are organized in lists. Use Tab and Shift + Tab to jump from list to list, and arrows to move down lists. Titles are read when you focus on the first item in a list.

Control playback

Depending on your TV provider and the station you’re watching, you might be able to pause and move backward and forward within your programs.

While a program is playing, press the spacebar to open play controls, then press the spacebar again to pause. Press Right and Left arrows for Fast-forward, Skip forward, Stop, Rewind, and Skip backward (when these options are possible).

Turn on closed captions

For closed captions and subtitling, do the following, depending on your TV setup:

  • For digital cable: Turn on captions or subtitles (when available) on your digital cable box. You’ll see them when watching on your Xbox.
  • For over-the-air DTV tuner: Turn on subtitles in the play controls while you’re watching on Xbox.

For support for Narrator or other Microsoft assistive technology, contact Xbox Support.

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