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Learn what to do if you want to apply the same settings on your Xbox One console to your Xbox 360 console.
Learn why a child can’t make changes to his or her privacy and online safety settings on
Learn how to remove an account from an Xbox One console.
Learn how to add a family member to your Xbox One family, including a child or another adult.
Find out how you can promote a child account to an adult account on your Xbox One console.
Learn about the default privacy and online safety settings on Xbox One.
Learn what to do when you’ve forgotten your Xbox One passkey.
Find out what you have to do when you can’t change your privacy settings.
Learn how to prevent unauthorized charges on your Xbox One console by creating separate Microsoft accounts for each person who uses your console.
Learn how to remove a family member from your Xbox One family.
Learn how to create an Xbox One passkey. Your passkey will help keep your account secure.

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