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Troubleshoot sign-in issues with the Zune software

Note As of November 15, 2015, the Zune service has been discontinued. This may cause errors when attempting to stream or download content or update the service.

You see the following error message when you try to sign in to the Zune software:

That's not a valid email/password combo. Make sure caps lock is off and that you enter your full email address.

This may mean that:

  • An incorrect combination of email address and password was entered.
  • Two-step verification has been enabled for your Microsoft account.


To resolve this issue, try the following:

Solution 1: Try a different combination of email address and password

If you haven't enabled two-step verification and are getting this error message, make sure:

  • You're using the correct email address and password.
  • You typed your password correctly.

If you forgot the email address or password for your Microsoft account, use the Lost Account Solution or the Lost Password Solution.

Solution 2: Reset your browser settings

To reset your browser settings:

  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. Tap or click the gear-shaped icon in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  3. Tap or click Internet options, and then Advanced.
  4. Tap or click the Reset… button under "Reset Internet Explorer settings." (You may be asked to restart your computer.)
  5. Try signing in to the Zune software again.

Solution 3: Review your two-step verification password

You may have enabled two-step verification to protect your Microsoft account. Two-step verification uses two ways to verify your identity whenever you sign in to your Microsoft account:

  • Your password
  • An extra security code

Two-step verification helps protect your account by making it more difficult for a hacker to sign in, even if they've somehow learned your password. If you turn on two-step verification, you'll see an extra page every time you sign in on a device that isn't "trusted." The extra page prompts you to enter a security code to sign in. We send that security code to your phone or your alternate email address, or you can obtain one through an authenticator app on your smartphone.

Some apps (like the Zune software and mail apps on some smartphones) and devices (like the Xbox 360) can't prompt you to enter a security code when you try to sign in. If you get an incorrect password error with an app or a device, you'll need to create a unique app password to sign in. Once you've signed in with your app password, you're all set to use that app or device. You'll need to create and sign in with an app password once for each app or device that can't prompt you for a security code.

To create an app password:

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  2. Under Security & privacy, tap or click Manage advanced security. If you're prompted for a security code, enter it and tap or click Submit.
  3. Under Two-step verification, tap or click Set up two-step verification.
  4. On the "Set up two-step verification" page, tap or click Next to activate two-step verification. You will then be able to set up app passwords.

For more information, see About two-step verification.

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