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Guide to the controls on your Zune player

Note As of November 15, 2015, the Zune service has been discontinued. This may cause errors when attempting to stream or download content or update the service.


The following is a quick guide to the controls on your Zune player.

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Controls on your Zune HD

The Zune HD has a touchscreen where you can control almost everything. This guide will show you where the controls are, what they do, and how to use your player.


  • 1 - Power: Press the power button to turn the player on. It will turn off by itself after a period of inactivity. To turn it off manually, press and hold the button until you see the off option.
  • 2 - Media: Press the Media button to open volume and playback controls, and to view battery power.
  • 3 - Home: Press the Home button (the bar at the bottom of the touchscreen) to return to home menu.

Media controls

While you are playing media on your Zune HD, tap the screen once to access basic media controls, or press the Media button. Move your finger along the screen to scroll content.

  • 1 - Exit: To return to the previous screen, tap Exit.
  • 2 - Play/Pause: To play or pause, tap Play or Pause.
  • 3 - Next/Previous: Press the Media button, then tap Previous or Next.
    Fast-forward/Rewind: To fast-forward, press the Media button (see previous image), then tap and hold Next. To rewind, press the Media button, then tap and hold Previous.
  • 4 - Volume: Press the Media button, then tap Plus (+) or Minus (-) to raise or lower the volume.

Moving around

  • Screen lock/unlock: To avoid accidentally tapping the screen when it’s tucked into your pocket or bag, you can lock the screen. To turn on the screen, press the power button and you'll see the screen lock image. Press the solid bar at the bottom of the screen and drag it to the top to show the home menu.
  • PIN lock/unlock: Use PIN lock to require a four-digit code for screen access. You can turn PIN lock on or off by going to Settings, Screen lock, then Enable PIN.
  • Previous screen: Press the magnified text at the top of the screen or tap Return (when the icon is visible).


  • Playback options: Buttons to shuffle (1), repeat (2), and rate songs (3) appear along the bottom of the Now Playing screen.
  • Go to Quickplay: Swipe left-to-right on the home menu to bring Quickplay into view.
  • Shuffle all music: Tap Play next to Music on the home menu.
  • Jump to a letter in a list: Music lists have alphabetical headings. Tap any letter for a letter menu, then tap another letter to jump to that position in the list.
  • Zoom: Use two short taps or a pinch to zoom in or out of a picture or website. To use pinch, place two fingers on the screen, then move your fingers closer together or farther apart.
  • More options: To see other things you can do with an item, press and hold the item to see a menu of more options. For example, press and hold an album and add it to Now Playing. Or, press and hold a video and pin it to Quickplay.

To restart a Zune HD player

  • Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds, until the player restarts.

Controls on other Zune players

Zune Pad

To scroll, brush your thumb up or down the Zune Pad. To scroll faster, brush quickly from the top of the Zune Pad to the bottom, lifting your thumb at the end of each movement. To stop scrolling, tap the Zune Pad.

To select items or see playback options for an item, scroll to the item and then press the center of the Zune Pad.

  • Play/pause button: Plays or pauses the current song, video, or podcast. Press and hold to turn your Zune player on or off.
  • Back button: Takes you back to the previous screen. Press and hold the Back button to return to the home menu.
  • Restarting: To restart your Zune player, press and hold the Back button while pressing up on the Zune Pad.
  • Hold switch: Located on the side of your Zune player, this switch locks the buttons so you don't accidentally pause, skip songs, or change the volume. To lock your Zune player, slide the switch to pink.
  • Headphone minijack: Connects your headphones to your Zune player. Also connects the Zune A/V output cable (available with the Zune Cable Pack and Zune Home A/V Pack) for playing your Zune on your TV or home stereo.
  • Connector port: Connects the Zune sync cable to your Zune player. Also connects the Zune player to the Zune dock (available with the Zune Home A/V Pack and Zune Dock Pack) and other Zune accessories.

    The media on your Zune player is organized into the main media types such as music, video, pictures, and podcasts. Scroll up or down on the home page to a type of media and then press the Zune Pad to select it. Within each media type, you can browse your media by the categories that are displayed across the top of the screen. Your music, for example, can be displayed by album, artist, playlist, song, and genre.

    Generally, you use your Zune player vertically, like this:

1 – Volume up

2 – Back

3 – Next

4 – Volume down

When you are watching videos or looking at pictures, your Zune player rotates to landscape view, and the controls on the Zune Pad also rotate so you can continue to use them the same way.

1 –Volume up

2- Next

3- Volume down

4- Back

To restart the Zune player

  1. Set the Hold switch to the unlocked position.
  2. Press and hold the top of the Zune Pad and the Back button at the same time. Keep them pressed down until the Zune player restarts.

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