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Error 69-c00D10E0 occurs when you try to stream a video or music file on your Xbox 360 console


You may see the following error code and message when you’re trying to stream a music or video file:


Unplayable Content

This may mean one of several things:

  • The file is too large for streaming.
  • The file is corrupted.
  • The codec needed to play the file is missing.


To resolve this problem, try the following solutions:

  • Solution 1: If you’re streaming the music or video file from a USB flash drive or external device, verify the file size and device format. Check to make sure the file size and device format meet the following requirements:
    • The file is 4 gigabytes (GB) or smaller.
    • The USB flash drive or external device is formatted as FAT32. (The FAT32 format supports file sizes of 4 GB or smaller.)

    After you verify that the file and external device meet these requirements, try playing the video again. Go to tv & movies, Movies & TV, and then My Video.

    If the file doesn’t meet these requirements, you won’t be able to play the file.

  • Solution 2: If you’re streaming video from Xbox Live, restart your Xbox 360 console, and then delete and download the content again. Here’s how:
    1. Turn off your Xbox 360 and then restart it. This may reinitialize the Xbox 360 so it can correctly load the codec.
    2. Do the following:
      1. From the Xbox Dashboard, go to system, select Memory, select Hard Drive, select Videos, and then select the video you are trying to watch.
      2. Delete and then download the video again. You will not be charged for the movie again.

      Note Make sure that your Xbox 360 console has the latest updates. For more information, see How to get a new Xbox 360 update.

    If you still experience the problem, contact Xbox Support.

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