Remove yourself from a family


If you're over the age of 18 (20 in South Korea and Japan), you can remove yourself from your family if you have access to an Internet-enabled device running Windows 10. If you're the only adult in a family that includes children, you'll first need to remove the children from the family.

On the Xbox One console, any other adult in the family can remove you. To do so, have your family member follow the instructions in Remove a family member from your family.

Note The children will need to be added to another family in order to continue using Xbox Live services.

Remove yourself from your family

Here's how:

  1. Sign in to your family Microsoft account.
  2. To the right of Adults, select Remove.
The 'Your Family' Microsoft account webpage shows a list of child and adult account email addresses in the family, along with buttons to Add or Remove a child or adult.
  1. Highlight your account, and then select Remove.
The 'Remove an Adult' screen contains a list of adult account email addresses along with buttons to Remove or Cancel. A sample address is selected.

When this screen is displayed, it means you are no longer in a family.

The Family tab on the Microsoft account website

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