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Using Xbox One offline

If you ever want to use your Xbox One without connecting to Xbox Live, you can set your console to offline. While offline, your console won't connect to any networks.

We recommend that you don't set your console to offline if you experience a network, ISP, or Xbox Live service outage. Although your console will show as being offline, it will automatically reconnect as soon as a connection is available. You can still use several Xbox One features even if your console can't connect to the service.

You need to be online to experience everything Xbox One has to offer, but when you're offline, you can still:

  • Watch TV, although you need to be online to get OneGuide listings.
  • Sign in to your profile, but only if you've signed in online before. This includes the Kinect automatic sign-in mode, if you set that up while you were online.
  • Change console settings, but not profile or family settings. Content controls will remain in place while offline.
  • Play games, if you have a disc or you're on your home Xbox (see How to designate an Xbox One console as your home Xbox to learn more).
  • Save game clips (as long as there's space).
  • Earn achievements.
    Note There's limited space to store achievements offline, so you should go online every once in a while to sync them.
  • Use most voice commands if you have a Kinect.

There are some activities that you need to be online to use, such as:

  • Playing games and apps that require an Internet connection.
  • Playing games that require online sign-in, even for a single player.
  • Syncing and playing saved games on more than one console.
  • Using social features like friends, messages, and parties.
  • Browsing and buying content from the Xbox Store, Music & TV, and Groove.
  • Using Xbox SmartGlass.
  • Updating the console or apps.

Activities such as unlocking achievements and sharing content such as Game DVR and screenshots will queue until the next time the console connects to Xbox Live. Once they sync, they'll be visible in your achievements and on OneDrive.

How to go offline

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
  2. Select System > Settings.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Select Network settings, and then select Go offline.

Your network status will change to offline. To go back online, follow the previous steps, but in Network settings select Go online.

If your console is online but you can't connect to the network, try the Xbox One Network Connection Error Solution.

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