Xbox voice commands with Kinect

Go somewhere“Xbox, go to (game or app name)”
“Xbox, go Home”
“Xbox, go to My games & apps”
“Xbox, go to Notifications”
“Xbox, go to Friends”
“Xbox, go to Party”
“Xbox, go to Achievements”
“Xbox, go to Settings”
Watch TV“Xbox, watch TV”
Show guide“Xbox, show guide””
Show menu“Xbox, show menu”
Change view“Xbox, change view”
Use a code“Xbox, use a code”
Sign in“Xbox, sign in”
Sign out“Xbox, sign out”
Turn off“Xbox, off”
Turn on“Xbox, on”
Mute“Xbox, mute”
Unmute“Xbox, unmute”
Volume up“Xbox, volume up”
Volume down“Xbox, volume down”
Show all notifications“Xbox, show notifications”
Open notification“Xbox, open that”
Record that“Xbox, record that”
Take a screenshot“Xbox, take a screenshot”
Start broadcast“Xbox, broadcast”
Stop broadcast“Xbox, stop broadcast”
Go back“Xbox, go back”
Fast forward“Xbox, fast forward”
Rewind“Xbox, rewind”
Skip forward“Xbox, skip forward”
Skip backward“Xbox, skip backward”
Play music“Xbox, play music”
Pause music“Xbox, pause music”
Next song“Xbox, next song”
Previous song“Xbox, previous song”
Turn on magnifier“Xbox, turn on magnifier”
Turn off magnifier“Xbox, turn off magnifier”
Turn on narrator“Xbox, turn on narrator”
Turn off narrator“Xbox, turn off narrator”
Turn on high contrast“Xbox, turn on high contrast”
Turn off high contrast“Xbox, turn off high contrast”

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