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Get new games, movies, and apps through Xbox One

Microsoft Store lets you buy games and add-ons, install apps, stream music, and purchase or rent movies and TV shows from your Xbox One console.

Find Xbox digital content you want

  • To search by voice, say "Xbox, Bing" and then say what you're looking for. You can search by name, actor, genre, type of movie (such as HD), and decade. You can also combine these terms. For example, "Find HD action movies with Clive Owen."
  • If you prefer to use the controller, scroll right on the Xbox Home screen and select the Search all button in Microsoft Store. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter search criteria.

It's also easy to browse and see what's available.

  • Scroll to the right on the Home screen and select the category you're interested in: Games, Movies & TV, Music, or Apps.
  • Browse through the category to find what you're looking for. Each category has a few sections.
  • Select More to the right of a category to see additional selections.

Once you find something you're interested in, select it with the A button to get more information. Depending on the game or app, you'll see:

  • Download size, release date, rating, and description
  • Purchase availability (buy, get for free) and an option to Pin to Home or Rate
  • Trailers and images
  • Additional details like information about the developer, genre, or legal terms of use

    Selections in Movies & TV Shows will open Movies & TV. Selections in Music will open Groove.


  • Purchases from Music and Movies & TV are not downloaded to your console but are streamed over the Internet to your console or other Movies & TV-compatible devices. For more information, see Microsoft Store: Movies & TV.
  • Keep in mind that games can be large and take a while to download and install, depending on the individual title and your Internet connection speed. For more information, see How to install games on Xbox One.
  • Some apps may require a subscription or membership with a service provider (the Netflix app, for example).

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