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We’ve designed the Xbox Live service as a place where all members can interact and have fun online. To help protect that experience for our customers, we monitor the service for behavior that violates the Microsoft Services Agreement and Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct can result in a variety of actions depending on the nature and severity of the violation. This page describes several types of enforcement actions and how they impact affected accounts.

Keep in mind the following rules of thumb regarding Xbox Live suspensions:

  • Generally, suspensions end at approximately the same time of day that they are issued—not at the beginning of the calendar day. For instance, a 24-hour suspension issued at 3:00 PM will end at approximately 3:00 PM the following day, not at midnight.
  • Microsoft is not obligated to provide a warning prior to issuing a suspension or other enforcement action. By agreeing to the Microsoft Code of Conduct you acknowledge that you understand and accept the rules of the Xbox Live service.
  • The length of the suspension depends on the severity of the offense. Especially egregious violations can result in an immediate permanent suspension.

Communications suspensions

Communication suspensions are imposed due to inappropriate conduct during communication activities on Xbox Live. This suspension blocks an account from accessing any communication features on Xbox Live, including text messages, voice messages, video communications, Skype on Xbox One, in-game chat, and party chat. Communications suspensions are issued for a specified temporary duration, often of 1, 7, or 14 days.

During a communications suspension, the account may continue to access the Xbox Live service, including online multiplayer. At the conclusion of the suspension all communication functionality will be automatically restored.

Account suspensions

An account suspension completely blocks the affected account from being able to sign in to the Xbox Live service for the duration of the suspension. Account suspensions are issued for a specified duration, often of 1, 7, or 14 days, though egregious or repeated violations can result in a permanent suspension.

Account suspensions may be imposed for a variety Microsoft Code of Conduct violations. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Offensive or inappropriate Xbox Live profile content
  • Inappropriate in-game behavior or cheating
  • Attempts to manipulate the Xbox Live service through network interference, feedback abuse, complaint abuse, or other system tampering
  • Harassment of other Xbox Live users or impersonation of Microsoft staff or partners
  • Attempts to exploit the Xbox Live Marketplace or Xbox Support for financial gain
  • Account theft, phishing, or other attempts to defraud Microsoft or other players

Forced gamertag changes

When a forced gamertag change is imposed, the system automatically assigns a new gamertag to the affected account, much in the same way a system-generated gamertag is provided when you first sign up for Xbox Live.

If a player is unhappy with the assigned gamertag and wishes to change it, he or she may purchase a new gamertag through the standard gamertag change process. However, the gamertag that received the forced change will remain unobtainable.

A forced gamertag change may be issued if a gamertag visually resembles, sound likes, represents, hints at, abbreviates, or otherwise insinuates any of the following:

  • Profane words or phrases
  • Topics or content of a sexual nature
  • Hate speech
  • Controversial religious topics
  • Notorious people or organizations
  • Sensitive current or historical events

Privilege suspensions

On Xbox One and Xbox on Windows, privileges are used to determine what each account can and cannot do on the Xbox Live service. A privilege suspension can occur when an account has abused a particular Xbox Live feature or committed a Code of Conduct violation that does not necessitate a full account suspension. Suspending select privileges can isolate an account’s inappropriate content or behavior without disrupting the account’s entire Xbox experience.

Some of the privileges that may be suspended as the result of a Code of Conduct violation include:

  • Capturing clips or screenshots
  • Sharing Kinect content
  • Playing online multiplayer
  • Joining parties
  • Communicating with other players
  • Sharing profile content

For example, if a player creates an offensive screenshot, he or she may receive a privilege suspension temporarily removing his or her ability to capture content, but online multiplayer and other Xbox Live features may remain intact.

The length of a privilege suspension is dependent on the severity of the violation and the nature of the particular offense.

Game-specific bans

Game developers have the ability to build game-specific security into their titles and enforce their community policies independent of the greater Xbox Live system. This is often true for games that feature extensive player-created content or have robust and active online communities. Since every game is different, the method by which you are notified of a game ban varies by developer.

Game-specific bans fall outside our scope, and Xbox Support cannot provide insight into game-specific enforcement actions. For specific information about a game ban, please contact the appropriate developer or publisher.

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