Using Alexa with multiple Xbox consoles

Note Xbox Skill for Alexa may not be available in all locales.

Connecting and using Alexa with more than one Xbox involves some extra steps. Those steps depend on the type of commands you’re using.

To connect your first Xbox, see Set up Alexa with Xbox One. To connect a second Xbox to Alexa:

  1. Sign in on the Xbox you want to control. The Xbox you’re signed in to will automatically be linked (you can also enable it on your console under System > Settings > Devices & streaming > Digital assistants).
  2. Say “Alexa, tell Xbox to pair” to the Alexa device you plan on using to control the signed-in Xbox.
  3. Open the Alexa app, then go to Smart Home, select Add Device, and choose device type Other.
  4. Once your Xbox is discovered, change the default name “Xbox” to something else if your first console is also named “Xbox.” This is the device name you’ll use for smart home commands.

Standard commands

Standard commands begin with the phrase “Alexa, tell Xbox to…” and target the Xbox you’re currently signed in to. If you want another Xbox to interact with Alexa, sign in to that console and say “Alexa, tell Xbox to pair.” Alexa will then start sending commands from that Alexa device to that Xbox.

Smart home commands

Smart home commands, such as “Alexa, turn off Xbox” can work with more than one console if they have different names.

By default, Alexa gives the first discovered console the name “Xbox.” Additional consoles are given default names of “Xbox [####]” to tell them apart, but you can change the console name in the Alexa app to something friendlier, like “Upstairs Xbox” or “Josie’s Xbox.” This will enable commands like “Alexa, turn down the volume on Upstairs Xbox.”

Another option is to change the system name of one or more consoles in System > Settings > System > Console info to something like “DENXBOX,” for example. Alexa will then identify the Xbox by that name.

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