The Bard’s Tale Trilogy FAQ

If you have questions about The Bard’s Tale Trilogy, check out the FAQ below. For more info, visit the inXile Entertainment website.

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What are the system requirements for PC?

Visit the Microsoft Store product detail page for system requirements.

What languages are available in-game?

The Bard's Tale Trilogy supports English, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish text.

Are there any known issues on Xbox One?

For the latest list of known issues and fixes to the game, visit the inXile Entertainment support page.

Why won't my controller work on Windows 10?

Occasionally, Windows 10 doesn’t detect a controller if it’s plugged in while the game is loading. If one of the triggers doesn’t work, unplug the controller, and then plug it back in while the game is running.

How do I save my game?

The default "Save Anywhere" feature allows you to access the Save button in the Options menu, as well as using F5 on your keyboard or the Menu button on your controller to quicksave the game. If you choose the "Legacy Mode" saving option, the only place you can save the game is in the Adventurers Guild. The quicksave feature is disabled in Legacy Mode.

How do I resurrect dead characters?

When characters are killed, they need to be revived at a Temple. Keep in mind there’s a gold cost to resurrecting characters, and they only revive with 1 HP, so you’ll need to also heal them afterwards.

How do I transfer my party from one game to the next?

After you’ve won the final battle in the first two volumes, return to the Adventurers Guild. You’ll see an option to import your party (and any characters saved at the guild that you aren't using) into the next volume. You can only import in one direction—from Bard's Tale to Bard's Tale II to Bard's Tale III—and not in reverse.

Why doesn’t the game work like it did in the original?

Each of the original three Bard's Tale games came out on many different platforms, and there were innumerable differences and bugs across all versions. While the base code was for the Amiga version, all versions of the game were referenced to help figure out certain elements and solve certain bugs. The end product is a remaster that not only fixes many decades-old bugs, but also features programming bits from enough versions to not be descended from any one port of the game.

The "Legacy" game mode restores many of the differences that existed between the three games, if you want a good hit of nostalgia!

Why aren't my spells working?

You may be in an anti-magic zone if spells have disappeared or failed to cast. Check the journal or the skull indicator above the 3D view for potential reasons why magic isn't working. Alternatively, see the icons above the party status for active spells, durations, and time remaining.

Is there a way of making this version’s graphics look like the original graphics?

No. We've implemented all new graphics to this title, and there’s no way to toggle it back to the original graphics (which, keep in mind, looked different in the various versions of the game).

Can I import my characters from the emulated version/original games?

No. The Bard's Tale Trilogy is a complete overhaul of all three games. The differences are too many, which means there's no way to bring in those parties.

How do game saves transfer between the Xbox and Windows versions?

When you quit the game on either Xbox or Windows while you’re signed in to your Microsoft account, your most recent saves will be uploaded to the cloud. It usually takes about 5 minutes for the saves to be available on another device.

How do I change what language the game is in?

For Steam: Right-click on the game in your library, select the Properties option, and then select the Language tab. From there, you can select your language from the dropdown menu.

For Xbox: The game will be in the language that appears in the Xbox console settings. You can update that setting as long as the language is supported.

For Windows and GOG: The game will display in the language in your computer's Region setting.

I’m still stuck, what do I do now?

Visit for additional support from inXile Entertainment.

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