Good player behavior on Xbox One

What makes a good player? It’s simple. Being a good player means being a good person: you follow the rules, and you treat your fellow players with respect.

Good players are the most common player on Xbox Live: people who play online with some regularity and receive very little negative feedback from other players. These players understand that their good behavior benefits the entire Xbox community.

A good player:

  • Makes sure everything they do is above board. If they see another player doing something illegal, they report it.
  • Understands the difference between competitive behavior and bullying, and between friendly banter and verbal harassment.
  • Knows not to post anything that could harm or harass another player.
  • Keeps their language clean.
  • Gets permission before posting content created by another player.
  • Knows and follows the Microsoft Code of Conduct.

Healthy gaming

Being a good player doesn’t just mean playing fairly—it also means being good to yourself. It’s easy to get into a groove and find yourself in the same position hours after you started gaming. Taking breaks gives you a few minutes to relax, but it can also help prevent repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

The following tips can help you stay safe and healthy while enjoying gaming.

Position yourself

Using your body in comfortable, not awkward, postures is important, whether you're working or playing. Not only can this affect your overall performance, but it can also influence how comfortable you are while playing video games and may help you avoid repetition motion injuries. Changing your posture during extended gaming sessions may also help you avoid discomfort and fatigue.

  • Choose a chair or seat that provides support for your lower back and allows you to assume a comfortable and natural body posture.
  • Clear away items from your legs to allow comfortable leg positions and movement.
  • Allow your upper arms to fall relaxed at your sides.
  • Keep your wrists straight while holding and using controllers. Avoid bending your wrists up, down, or to the sides.
  • Position yourself and/or your screen so that you don’t have to tilt your head up or down or side-to-side for extended periods.
  • Avoid glare by placing your screen away from light sources that produce glare or using window blinds to control light levels. Also adjust brightness and contrast to levels that are comfortable for you.

Play lightly

Consider the following suggestions to reduce the effects of low forces on your body:

  • Press gaming controller buttons with a light touch, keeping your hands and fingers relaxed. Also use a light touch with control sticks or pads on a controller.
  • Avoid resting your palms or wrists on any type of surface while using controllers.
  • Relax your arms and hands when you're not using controllers.
  • Hold the controller with a relaxed hand.

Take breaks

Stopping your activity and relaxing is one way to take a break, but there are also other ways:

  • Changing tasks can help some muscles relax while others remain productive. For example, you might sit while playing video games but stand when not playing.
  • Using different methods to accomplish the same task. For example, using the controller pad instead of the control stick.
  • Relaxing your arms and hands while watching others play or during cut scenes, replays, or other pauses within a game.
  • Learning about software and hardware features by reading the information that came with your game discs and hardware products.

Safety and wellbeing

Your safety and wellbeing matters. When we’re made aware of an Xbox Live member who's going through a difficult time, we may send a message referring them to Crisis Text Line, a provider of free, 24/7 support for people in crisis. If you've received a message, it’s because we wanted to provide you with the option to talk to a trained and confidential crisis counselor.

Contacting Crisis Text Line is entirely up to you, but we feel strongly in empowering every player with the tools to maintain their wellbeing.

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