Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms is a subscription-based service that lets you play Minecraft online with up to 10 players. You can subscribe to Minecraft Realms with the latest Bedrock Engine-based version of Minecraft found on mobile, VR devices, Nintendo Switch consoles, Xbox consoles and Windows 10 computers.

If you play Minecraft on a PC (using the Java Edition), there is separate Minecraft Realms subscription service available. To learn more or to manage your subscription, visit the Minecraft Realms page on the Mojang website.

Note Only Minecraft and Minecraft for PC/Java support Realms. Console editions such as Minecraft: Xbox One Edition do not support Realms.

Depending on the device you are playing on, you will have options to make a one-time purchase or have a recurring subscription.

With a one-time purchase, you can choose to create a one-month or six-month Realm. These one-time purchases are non-refundable and will not renew automatically once they expire. With a recurring subscription, you will continue to be charged automatically every 30 days, until you cancel the subscription.

If a recurring subscription is available, you can choose from two recurring monthly options:

  • You Plus Two: Allows you to play with up to two additional players.
  • You Plus Ten: Allows you to play with up to 10 additional players.

Subscription costs vary depending on the region where you live.

Note you won’t have access to Realms while using a Beta version of Minecraft. If you need to leave the Beta on an Xbox One console or Windows 10 computer you can visit the Minecraft Beta Guide and FAQ’s for more help. Android players can opt in and out from the Minecraft page through the Google Play Store.

For more information in regards to Realms, you can visit the Minecraft Realms FAQ.

Before you start

You will need to have an Xbox gamertag to play Realms (you will also earn achievements and increase your gamer score). The first time you attempt to use Realms, you'll be asked to sign in to Xbox Live through the Xbox app. If you already have an account, use that to sign in. If you don’t, you can easily create one using your existing email address. There is no charge to create an account.

See How to sign in to the Xbox app on Windows 10 for more information about using the Xbox app to sign in to Minecraft.

Note You will also need an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to play Realms on an Xbox One console and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription when playing Realms on a Nintendo Switch.

How to subscribe to Minecraft Realms

  1. On your computer/device, launch Minecraft and select Play from the main menu.
  2. If you are successfully logged into an Xbox Live account, you can start a new Realms subscription by clicking the ”Create New” button where you will be given the option to create either a ”New World” or ”New Realm”.

    Alternatively, if you have not already used it, above your single player worlds you may be given the option to try a free 30-day trial of Realms. Realms trials are not available on Nintendo Switch, Windows Phone, Oculus Rift, or Amazon Fire TV.

    When creating your Realm, depending on your platform you will have options to either:

    1. Make a one-time purchase (with a set duration of days) that does not automatically renew.
    2. Purchase a recurring monthly subscription.

      In both cases, the billing for your purchase will be handled through the device’s store.
  3. Complete the purchase on your device.

The next time you play Minecraft, provided you are successfully logged in to your Xbox Live account, your Realm subscription will be shown above your single player worlds list.

How to invite other players to your Realm

  1. Select the Play button on the main menu.
  2. Select the pencil icon next to your Realm's name.
  3. Select Members. Your Xbox Live friends list is automatically available.
  4. To add someone already on your Xbox Live friends list, click on the Invite button to the right of their name. To add someone new, you must first add them to your Xbox Live friends list. To do this, click Find Friends which will take you to the Xbox Live app.
  5. In the Add Friend window, you can add a friend through your Facebook contacts (if you are connected to Facebook), through your phone or device contacts, or directly by using their Xbox Live gamertag. Once you have added them, select the close box in the upper-right corner of the window (you'll need to do this twice to back out to the main menu).
  6. Once they've added you back as a friend, they'll appear on your Xbox Live friends list in Realms, and you can send them an invite to play.

Alternatively, you can invite players with Realms invite links which are custom URLs, unique to your Realm. When someone clicks on an invite link, they will be prompted to sign in or sign up with their Xbox Live account, then immediately added to the Realm’s whitelist. Only the newest version of your invite link will allow new players to join and when you refresh an invite link, anyone who has previously joined will still be in the Realm whitelist and able to join the world, but no new players will be able to use that link to gain access.

How to join other players in a Realm

  1. Launch the game.
  2. On the top right of your window you will see an envelope button. There you can see all your invites to different Realms and accept the ones you want.
  3. Once you've accepted an invitation to a Realm, click play and the Realm will appear in your Friends tab under the Joinable Realms list.

How to cancel your subscription to Minecraft Realms

You can cancel your subscription from your app store's subscription settings. View your subscription from the settings menu in-game to find out which app store processed your purchase from there you can also manage your subscription. If that does not work, you can access your settings in the app store where you made the purchase and cancel the recurring payment.

If you want to learn more or need help with cancelling your subscription, visit:

If your Realm was created as a one-time purchase (i.e one or six months), it will automatically expire after it has run out of days.

Troubleshooting problems with Minecraft Realms

If you're experiencing problems with Minecraft Realms, here are some topics to help.

Network Connectivity

Check the Xbox Live service status

If you see any alerts here, wait until the service is up and running and try again:

Servicios básicos de Xbox Live: en funcionamiento
Redes sociales y juegos: en funcionamiento

If the Xbox Live service is up and running, see the Realms connection issues troubleshooting guide on the Mojang website. If you've followed those steps and you keep having the problem, there may be a network connectivity problem between your network and the Internet.

Child Xbox Live accounts

We keep younger players safe online with child accounts. Players under 13 years old have online multiplayer disabled by default with Minecraft and won’t be able to join Realms or servers unless a parent changes their account settings. The settings that need to be allowed are:

  • You can create and join clubs (more info on clubs is available here)
  • You can join multiplayer games

For help with changing these account settings, you will need to change your Privacy and Online settings of the Xbox Live account.

Depending on your region and the service you’re trying to access, a parent or guardian’s permission may be required for a child to create a Microsoft account. This is in accordance with certain regulations that promote child safety along with greater visibility and management of data that is stored about your child online. For clarification on these regulations, read more on parental consent and child accounts for more information

Further technical support

For sign-in issues or problems accessing your account online, sign in to your Microsoft account and check for any issues.

For problems playing on your Windows 10 device, see Troubleshoot gameplay issues on Windows 10. For further help and troubleshooting on Windows 10 and Xbox consoles visit Xbox Support.

For problems or troubleshooting on iOS devices, visit Apple support.

For problems or troubleshooting on Android devices, visit the Google Play help center.

For problems or troubleshooting on Kindle devices, visit Amazon support.

For problems or troubleshooting on Gear VR or Oculus Rift, visit Oculus support.

For problems or troubleshooting on Nintendo Switch, visit Nintendo customer support.

For any other game-related problems, visit the Minecraft Realms support page on the Mojang website.

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