Minecraft with Xbox Game Pass

Minecraft is now available with Xbox Game Pass. If you have an active subscription, you can install and play Minecraft, or you can purchase the game at a discounted price.

To purchase Minecraft with an Xbox Game Pass 20 percent discount, visit the Minecraft store page. In the Add-ons for this game section on the page, you can also purchase add-ons with a 10 percent Xbox Game Pass discount.

Note Minecraft with Xbox Game Pass may not be available in all locales. To see if Xbox Game Pass is available in your area, visit the Xbox Game Pass FAQ.

Discounts are also available for any downloadable content created by Microsoft Game Studios and Xbox Game Studios sold in the Microsoft Store on Xbox.

Items sold within the game itself (in Minecraft Marketplace) are not eligible for discounts—this includes Minecraft Coins and all other Minecraft content.

To manage your Xbox Game Pass subscription, sign in to your Microsoft account, go to Services & subscriptions, and scroll down to Xbox Game Pass.

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