Earn points with Microsoft Rewards

Earn points toward rewards by doing the stuff you already do every day. It’s easy and it’s free: All you need to do is sign up, and Microsoft Rewards will be included in your Microsoft account.

Once you’ve signed up, sign in to your Microsoft account to see your current points. You can also see your points total next to your account name on Bing.com and on Microsoft.com.

Note: If you have problems with the Microsoft Rewards app for Xbox One, or with earning points or redeeming them for rewards, contact Microsoft Rewards support.

Download the app

Keep tabs on your points and earn while gaming or shopping by downloading the Microsoft Rewards app to your Xbox One console.

Earn points

We’re adding new ways to earn points all the time, and you can keep on top of these by frequently checking the Microsoft Rewards page.

You can earn points by:

As your points rack up, so do your opportunities to get great rewards. We make it simple to track progress toward anything you’ve got your eye on, including popular games, movies, apps, gift cards, sweepstakes, donations to charity, and members-only offers and events.

Get more details about earning points.

Note Buying items from the Microsoft Store on Xbox or searching on Bing.com may not earn points in all countries or regions.

Get help

If you have any problems with the Microsoft Rewards app, or with earning points or redeeming them for rewards, go to Microsoft Rewards support.

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