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How do I access the Xbox Insider hub?

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Store tab on the dashboard or select Store in the guide.
  2. Select Search.
  3. Search for the Xbox Insider Hub.
  4. Select Get/Install from the product page.

Once the Xbox Insider Hub has finished downloading you can find the program in My games & apps. When you load the Xbox Insider Hub for the first time you will be prompted to sign up.

Complete the onscreen instructions and accept the Xbox Insider terms and conditions. You’ll then have access to the Xbox Insider Hub and can download the Bleeding Edge Technical Alpha.

For more info on getting and using the Xbox Insider Hub see Get the Xbox Insider Hub app.

How do I download/install the Technical Alpha?

You must have received an email from Ninja Theory confirming you have access to the Technical Alpha before proceeding to download the game via the Xbox Insider Hub. If you haven’t received an email, double-check that it was sent to the email address associated with your gamertag, or that it isn’t in your junk folder. To verify the email address associated with your gamertag, sign in at

You will also need to have downloaded and installed the Xbox Insider Hub on your console before proceeding with the following steps:

  1. From My games & apps, open Xbox Insider Hub.
  2. Select Insider content.
  3. Select the Bleeding Edge Technical Alpha.
  4. Select Join and then begin downloading the game.
  5. When the game has finished downloading you can access it in My games & apps.

If the game isn't showing in My games & apps, check your queue and make sure the game has finished installing.

Where do I go for additional questions and answers?

For more help with Bleeding Edge, the support team at Ninja Theory have a selection of questions and answers that should help you:

  • My friends and I can’t join a party
  • I can’t hear my friends
  • My game is lagging
  • My games are very unbalanced
  • Connecting to a game
  • Matchmaking takes a long time
  • A character/move is overpowered/underpowered
  • I’ve found an in-game bug
  • A character is stuck
  • Input lag
  • Not enough space
  • I can’t see the game on my Xbox One
  • How to clear Xbox One cache
  • My game crashed
  • How to access the Forums
  • The page I need no longer exists
  • I can’t login to the website
  • What the VIP area is
  • How to access the VIP area
  • Community Code of Conduct
  • I was muted
  • I want to post on the forums
  • How to report a player
  • Why a reported player wasn’t banned
  • How long a ban lasts
  • Ban removal questions
  • When play access opens
  • I can’t access my Xbox Live account
  • Playing with Xbox Live

Visit the official Bleeding Edge support page for more help.

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