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Update media information in your Zune collection

Note As of 15 November 2015, the Zune service has been discontinued. This may cause errors when attempting to stream or download content or update the service.


If your Zune collection has music or video files with information that is missing or incorrect, you can use the Zune Music + Video software to fix it. You can also set the software to your media information automatically. Here’s how.

Update missing or incorrect media information for imported music

When you import music or rip CDs in the Zune Music + Video software, the media information typically gets filled in automatically. However, you may sometimes find missing or incorrect song titles, track numbers, artist names or album titles. You might also want to categorise the genre differently. Here are different ways to update and correct the media information in your collection.

Find and update album information

To automatically fill in an album’s complete metadata (release year, album art, genre and so on), you can search for the information online:

  1. Open the Zune software. In your music collection, right-click the album that you imported and then click Find album info.
  2. Type an artist or album name, then click Search.
  3. Select the appropriate album from the available results, then click Next. This lets you match the song titles to the tracks on your album.
  4. If you can’t find your album, you can go back to the Find album information window in step 1, and then click Edit information to fill in the CD information manually.

Update music and video information

To update information for music and videos, find the song, album or video in your collection, right-click the item and then select Edit. From the edit window you can enter everything from genre to title to release date to song number and composer.

Add or update album art

To add or update the album art, you can supply artwork manually by browsing for the file on your computer.

  1. In your music collection, right-click an album and click Update album art.
  2. Find and select a picture from a location on your computer and then click Open. You’ll see the new album cover straight away.

Drag your media into the correct folders

One of the most convenient ways to clean up your music collection is to drag artists, songs, albums and genres into the right place. For instance, you can unify "Dave Matthews" with "The Dave Matthews Band" to see all albums in one artist view. You can also drag albums to artists, songs to albums, albums to genres, genres to genres and so on to update your information.

Your pictures

Photos are grouped in Pictures, and are imported from your computer and put into folders named however you named them on your computer.

  • To rename a folder, right-click the folder, select Rename and enter the new name.
  • To rearrange pictures and folders, open a folder and then drag any image file into a different folder in your albums list.

Set Zune to update media information automatically

When you import music or rip CDs in the Zune software, the media information typically gets filled in automatically by retrieving data from the Internet. You can choose whether to allow this and how to treat any existing media information. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Click Settings, located at the top of the screen, click Software, located in the upper-left hand corner
  2. Under Media info, you can decide how you want Zune Music + Video to handle song information.
  3. To use the Internet to update song information in the Zune software, select Automatically update album art and metadata and then select one of the following:
    • Only add missing information. Information is added only for items that are missing data.
    • Replace all media information. Existing information is replaced with any new information from the Internet.

    If information isn't available, you'll see generic track information (track 1, track 2 and so on). If the information is missing because your computer wasn't connected to the Internet when you ripped your CD, it should appear for newly-ripped songs soon after you connect to the Internet. If it still doesn't appear, you can manually update missing or incorrect media information.

Update media information for videos

Here’s how to add or update the video category, title, genre, description and release date for your video files.

  1. Open the Zune software. In your video collection, right-click an item and then click Edit.
  2. Make your changes and then click OK to save them.

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