Download 4K game content first

Even if you’re using Xbox One S or a standard Xbox One, you can start the process of downloading the 4K versions (when available) of games you’ll want to play on Xbox One X. You won’t be able to appreciate the 4K aspects of those games on older consoles, but at least you’ll be done with your lengthy downloads on the day you unpack your Xbox One X.

This is more important than it might seem. While 4K upgrades for your applicable games are free, they’re generally tens of GB in size, and therefore take a while to download, even on fast networks.

After downloading, copy your 4K games to an external storage device that can be plugged into your Xbox One X so it’s ready to play.

To get your updates ahead of time on Xbox One S and original Xbox One:

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide and go to Settings > System > Backup & transfer.
  2. Select Download 4K game content.
  3. When available 4K content has downloaded, copy those games to external storage so they’re ready for use on Xbox One X.

Can’t I get 4K updates on my Xbox One X?

If you don’t download ahead of time, your 4K content will arrive in the form of an update the first time you launch an applicable game on Xbox One X. This will be a required update—skipping it will not let you play the non-4K version offline. The update will be required even if you’re not viewing on a 4K TV. On Xbox One X, 4K updates will download automatically if you’ve told your Xbox to “Keep my games & apps up to date” (in Settings > System > Updates > Games & apps).

Some games streamline installations and updates based on your language setting, reducing download time and storage space. In those cases, changing your console language will trigger game updates, which (unlike the 4K update) are optional and can be canceled.

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