Password and security: Online safety

Why you're being asked for parental consent
Find out why you're being asked for parental consent even though you're an adult.
Definition of a Microsoft child account
Learn what a child account is and what qualifies a Microsoft account to be treated as a child account.
You have trouble giving parental consent when creating  a child account on Xbox
Having trouble when you try to create a child account? Learn what to do if you’re having trouble giving parental consent.
Set parental controls for Xbox 360
Learn about the parental control features for the Xbox 360 console.
Manage app privacy settings on Xbox One
Learn how to manage the privacy settings for your apps on your Xbox One console.
Learn about the age-appropriate controls and family privacy settings you can adjust on and on your Xbox One console.
Find out how to change your Xbox 360 privacy and online safety settings for you and your family.
Learn about how Microsoft uses your data to customize your Kinect experience the way you want it.

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