Controllers: Set up

Connect external devices to the Xbox Adaptive Controller
Get tips for connecting external devices, such as joysticks and headsets, to the Xbox Adaptive Controller.
Connect the Xbox Adaptive Controller to Xbox One
Learn how to connect the Xbox Adaptive Controller to your Xbox One console.
Customize the Xbox Adaptive Controller in the Xbox Accessories app
Learn how to customize the Xbox Adaptive Controller using the Xbox Accessories app.
How do I use Shift with the Xbox Adaptive Controller?
Assign an input to function as a Shift key. Find out the advantages and steps to using Shift.
Connect a wireless Xbox One controller to your console
Learn how to sync a wireless controller with your Xbox One console.
Sign in to your Xbox One with a personal controller
Find out how to sign in to your Xbox One with a personal controller.
Change controller vibration on Xbox One
Find out how to change the vibration settings for your Xbox One controller.

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