Error & Status Code Search

If you’ve encountered an error or status code, enter it exactly as shown.

Examples: “E12” or “0x87df2ee7.”

Note Error and status codes can be generated by service outages. To save time, check the Xbox Live service status for alerts before searching for your code.

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Tips for trying again:

  • If the error code begins with the letter “E”, try searching on the first part of the code.
    Example For “E305 00000000 80000001”, search for “E305”.
  • If the error code is 24 digits long, try searching on the last 8 digits.
    Example For “Error 417f-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-8007-2746” (where the letter “x” can be any number), search for “80072746”.

You can also report this problem using the Xbox Insider Hub app so we can investigate it further:

  1. On your console, install the Xbox Insider Hub app (if you don’t already have it).
  2. Hold down the Xbox button  on the controller.
  3. On the power menu, select Report a problem.
  4. Describe the problem in detail, including when it happened, if you saw any specific error codes or messages, and if you were using any specific games, software, hardware, or accessories when you encountered the problem.

If you’d like to ask for more help from the community, go to the Xbox Forums.

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