How to install games on Xbox One

Whether you buy a game on disc or download it from the Microsoft Store, you need to install it on your console’s hard drive before you can play it.

Note Installing from disc does not apply to the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which doesn’t include an optical disc drive.

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Installing games from disc

When you insert a game disc, the console checks to see whether the game is already installed. If it isn’t, you’re prompted to install the game.

Note You may also be prompted to download an update to the game before you can play it.

Installing games from the Microsoft Store

When you download a game from the Microsoft Store to your Xbox, it installs automatically. While the game is downloading and installing, it appears in the Queue section of My games & apps.

If you choose to install the game later, go to My games & apps > Games, and then select the game title from Ready to install.

Install games remotely

If you’re away from your console, and you want to remotely install games so they’re ready to play when you get back, go to Install games remotely on your Xbox One.

Reinstalling games

Before you can reinstall a game, you must first uninstall it from the console's hard drive. To uninstall a game:

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide, then select My games & apps and then Games.
  2. Highlight the game you want to uninstall, press the Menu button, and then select Uninstall.

You can then reinstall the game by inserting the disc or downloading it again from the Microsoft Store. To download the game again, go to My games & apps > Games and then select the game title from Ready to install.

What to do if the game installation stops for a long time

If you’re trying to install a game and the installation pauses for a long period of time, see The installation process stops at or near 0% when installing an Xbox One game from a disc.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to install the entire game to my hard drive before I can play it?

No. Some Xbox One games are pretty large, and installing the entire game, especially if you’re downloading it, can take a while. You can start any game before the installation is complete, though not all game features will be available. If you watch the download in the Queue or Games section of My games & apps, "Downloading" changes to "Ready to start" when it's available to play.

Will I lose my game info and/or progress if I reinstall it?

The Xbox One console saves your gameplay data to the cloud, so if you’ve played your game online, you can resync your game with the cloud once you've reinstalled it. See Xbox One cloud game saves: FAQ.

Can I play another game while installing one on my Xbox One console?

Yes. You can always play digital games when you’re installing a game from the Microsoft Store or from disc. You can also play games from disc if you’re installing from the Microsoft Store.

However, you can’t play games from a disc if you’re installing from the disc.

Can I install a game while I'm offline?

Yes, you can install a disc-based game while you're offline. See Using Xbox One offline.

Why do I have to install a game if I have the disc?

Optical disc drives can’t read data quickly enough to keep up with modern games, so you get the best gaming experience when you install the game from a disc on your Xbox One console.

Why does it take so long to install a game?

Game installs depend on how fast a drive can transfer files. The maximum data transfer rate for the Xbox One disc drive is currently 54 Mbps. If you think your game is installing too slowly, see Troubleshoot slow game or app downloads on Xbox One.

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